About Us


Syno Dynasty Sdn. Bhd.

Syno Dynasty have been around since 2009. We are focus on improving equity value of the company by Specialized Management Expertise focused strategically to Improve in areas of Business Growth, Profitability and Business Sustainability.
Syno Dynasty Sdn Bhd provides specialized services bringing the synergy of Funding and Investments with Specialized Management Expertise to analyze and offer solution options including;

Banking / Financing Brokering Services

Business Transformation

Restructuring Exercise

Lean Deployment

Accounting & HR Management Insourcing

Pre-IPO Exercise Preparation

Deployment of Key Internal Controls & Compliance Policy

Medium Term Plan ( Strategy ) Deployment and Performance Management

Investment Agent / Fundraising

Due Diligence exercise

Our Mission

We want to create value to be the MOST FAVORED option for all our Clients and stakeholders by delivering the highest professional standard and services.

Our Vision

Able to understand real client’s needs and advise best possible options and lead the client’s company and grow equity value of company to a greater heights through the application of professional standards and strategic initiatives.

Company Milestones


Incorporated in 2009 Started as an Outsource Agent for one International Banks.


Secured agency to be an outsource agent for an International Bank.


Undertook a Corporate Restructuring Exercise of a Sawmill in Kedah.


Embark on additional services. Management Advisory on Business Transformation, pre-IPO Exercise, Lean Deployment, Investment Agent , Fundraising, and Due Diligence Exercise.


Undergoing pre-IPO exercise for Synergy House Furniture Sdn Bhd.


Established Learning and Development Centre. Incorporated Syno Dynasty Trading Sdn Bhd.